The Certification

What is the professional designation known as the Certified Practitioner in Financial Capability, more commonly known as “CPFinCap?”

The CPFinCap is a professional certification initiative powered by The Institute for Financial Capability. The CPFinCap will introduce, enhance and expand the broad knowledge base required to be a wholly effective practitioner in the field of Financial Capability.

The CPFinCap will leverage social learning and learning synthesis principles to immerse practitioners into a twelve-week, holistic learning experience that touches many major components of the emerging Financial Capability profession.

WHAT: CPFinCap is a 12 week, asynchronus, online, professional certification

What is Financial Capability?

Financial Capability is the capacity to manage one’s financial resources effectively to a level of self-sufficiency based upon developed knowledge, skills, intrinsic motivation and access.

Financial Capability is often elevated by combining what is learned or known regarding personal and business money management, with what can be done to move forward on the Financial Capability Continuum (see below).

Desire, or intrinsic drive, is also a powerful momentum-builder, as both internal and external barriers are deconstructed to enhance access to a better financial future.

Finally, the support, encouragement and accountability of a partner or professional can also aid in optimizing one’s financial resources.

Financial Capability is identified by five specific touchpoints that exist in every individual and household’s financial “story.”

The Financial Capability Continuum: Finacial Crisis to Financial Stability to Financial Security to Financial Well-Being to Financial Prosperity

The five phases are Financial Crisis, Financial Stability, Financial Security, Financial Well-Being and Financial Prosperity. These five touchpoints exist on a continuum, known as the Financial Capability Continuum. See the diagram below for a visual representation of the Financial Capability Continuum.